Mike is available for retreat or meeting facilitation.  If you need help in running more effective meetings, he can provide consultation and training in effective meeting facilitation skills.

Strategic Planning:

Mike enjoys helping non-profit and human service groups with their long-term and short-term strategic plans. He works in collaboration with staff and volunteers to create a process where all have a voice in the planning process.


Curriculum Development:

Mike has extensive experience in leadership curriculum development for both youth and adults. He enjoys assisting non-profit and human service programs in developing their educational curriculum for ongoing leadership development of staff, students, volunteers, and community members.  Learn more!

Team Building:

Mike can lead your team through a process to help build a more cohesive, collaborative working group. Mike has extensive experience leading groups in experiential activities, and group initiatives designed to help teams work better together in achieving their goals and communicating more effectively.

Leaderships Skills Workshops:

Mike offers a variety of skill based workshops.  His workshops are designed to be highly interactive and designed with the assumption that each participant comes with a wide range of knowledge and skills to offer the group. The best workshops are the ones that allow for all to share their talents with other group members. He likes to customize workshops to best meet the needs of the group. Workshops Mike is frequently hired to lead include (but are not limited to) Facilitation skills, Consensus Decision Making,  Meeting Management, Effective Ally work, Ethical Leadership, 5 Bold Steps- Goal Setting for Your Future, and Situational Leadership.  Learn More!