Winter/Spring 2018 Public Workshops

Leadership Skills for Workplace Diversity   

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Thursday, January 11th at the 2100 building in Seattle

Summary: Join us for this practical, hands on supervisory skills workshop which will improve your efficiency, enhance your coaching skills, and heighten your ability to supervise with an equity lens. Fleur, Keonna, and Mike bring a unique combination of experiences working with non-profit, public sector, and corporate organizations. They all bring a shared commitment to creating a more just world and have thought deeply about equity in the workplace.

Participants will have the opportunity to identify their own biases and make connections to how those might be influencing their leadership style or supervising skills. By the end of this workshop participants will have: 

  • Clearly stated values to drive leadership.
  • An understanding of personal bias and blindspots.
  • Skills and strategies for equitable management.

Who will benefit from this workshop? 

This experiential workshop is ideal for leaders interested in applying their basic knowledge of social justice, race, and biases to become more effectively leaders in organizations of all sizes and at all stages of their development. All that’s needed is a desire to either develop or refine self-awareness practices on your team or within your organization. Participants should be in a position to enact change within their organization. This means supervisors, managers, directors, operations professionals, human resources professionals, executive directors, leaders of teams, or people with the capacity and energy to start making changes.

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Facilitation Skills Fundamentals

Friday, January 19th from 8:30am – 12:30pm, 2100 building in Seattle

In this interactive and informative workshop, participants will learn the Fundamental Skills of Facilitaton.  Read below for more information!

Workshop Summary:

One of the most important skills of an effective community leader is the ability to facilitate group discussions and help groups make decisions together in a way that engages the voices of everyone in the group.  Too often, we get thrown into the role of facilitator without having been taught the fundamentals and/or had a chance to practice.  In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to both learn and practice the fundamentals in a fun, interactive, and non-threatening environment.

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JOIN A ROUNDTABLE!- February to May 2018

Join a roundtable of community leaders that come together for networking, training, and support in their work to create a more just world.  In the fall of 2015, two roundtables will be offered:

  1. Supervisor Roundtable- click here for more information.
  2. Facilitator Roundtable- click here for more information.

To learn general information about our Roundtables, click here.

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